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Eragon Book Blog 4

  • In pursuit of the Raz'acc, Eragon learns more about riders and through experience on the trail starts to transform into a formidable dragon rider. Following the tracks, the traveling duo wander into a little town that is eerily empty. They walk in to discover the residents all massacred and in a pile. Urgals have swept through in numbers that haven't formed for years. A few spare ones remain and Eragon and Brom run into them. In the ensuing fight, Eragon realizes that he possesses magic. He manages to kill 2 urgals by uttering a magical word that came out of nowhere to his head. As they continue on their journey from this point, Brom instructs Eragon in the art of magic. Along with this training, Brom is turning Eragon into a tough swordsman from their nightly practice fights. Saphira begins to get impatient with having to hide all the time and wishes for Eragon to act like a dragon rider and fly with her. Eragon complies when they begin to reach largely abandoned plains. They stumble across a liquid that burns to the touch on their journey. Brom identifies it as a substance the Ra'zaac often use for torture. Eragon has the idea of tracking the purchase history of this kind of liquid in order to find the Ra'zaac. They go to a nearby port town to talk to a friend of Brom that happens to be in the trade business.
  • I really liked this section of the book. You get to see Eragon develop as a character and become stronger and stronger. Brom still reveals none of his past which frustrates me. I am just hanging on the hope that it is unveiled later on in the book. Saphira is becoming impatient and I can't help but wonder if she will reveal herself to the world soon thatn later which has me worried.