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Eragon Book Blog 5

Eragon and Brom find Brom's old friend, Jeod. They explain their plan to him about tracking down the trade orders. Brom claims that this is a near impossible task but he will  try to assist in any way. Jeod and Brom reminiscence over their adventures while Eragon is out and they become very secretive about the old stories, almost as to hide Brom's secrets from Eragon. Eragon however uses an eavesdropping spell to overhear Brom mentioning sending a letter to someone named "Ajihad". The traveling duo board up at Jeod's house while they continue searching for information. The next day, Eragon visits Angela's herb shop, the business of a lady he had met earlier. She ends up revealing herself to be a fortune teller. A genuine fortune teller. She explains that his future is very mixed up. He is to engage in a great love relationship and live a long life. However much disaster and an uncertain ending to his life are worrying.


Once again, Brom is keeping secrets. He and Jeod very obviously are keeping information from Eragon. I am just curious who Ajihad is and how he will help their cause in tracking down the Ra'zaac. I would like more interaction with Saphira as well. She seems to be becoming impatient and I worry that her relationship with Eragon is suffering.