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Book Blog 3 Catching Fire

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins

Katniss's entourage arrives and sweeps her away to prep for the oncoming tour. Katniss knows that she must sell the love that she and Peeta have to the public. Her family and district are in danger if she isn't able to convince the public that she defied the games for love. The capitol will not put up with any type of rebellion. Katniss and Peeta arrive at district 11, the farming district, on their first stop in the tour. Peeta goes off-script and promises the families of the dead contestants a portion of their winnings. Katniss follows this up by giving a passionate thank you to the families, because she was especially close to Rue, one of the contestants in this district. District 11 responds by saluting the two in the way Katniss saluted Rue's death in the games. This is seen as rebellion and the Capitol executes several people on the spot after it happens. Haymich takes Katniss and Peeta aside, and Katniss explains everything to them. All about how their lives are in danger and they must sell their love to the public.