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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Previously I had been reading Catching Fire, the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series. Although it was an excellent book, I have been interested in reading the Fault In Our Stars and decided to make the switch. It has received great reviews and honors and I am excited to get into the middle of it. I have heard John Green online before through his Youtube channel and like his personality. I definitely can see how he could have a knack for writing.


I am only 1 chapter in so far. The main character is Hazel, a 17 year old girl with cancer scattered around in her lungs. She is depressed and fairly obsessed with the notion of death, considering this is near in her future. Her mom really cares for her and worries about her introverted nature. She forces Hazel to start attending a focus group for cancerous teens, which Hazel dreads every week. It's the same pattern of hearing about the leader of the group and his struggles, matched with the repeated answers of how the kids are doing every week. Everything changes when Augustus Walters steps into the room. He is a friend of Isaac, who is the closest thing Hazel has to a friend in the group. Augustus is different. He also has cancer, but he's not like the other boys. He is intelligent and quirky, quick to make himself known to Hazel. He tells her she is beautiful right off the bat, which takes Hazel by surprise. She is attracted to him though both physically and through his unique personality. As the chapter ends, Hazel is headed to Augustus's house to watch a movie, a big move for her normally non-existent social life.


Just from the 1st chapter I can tell that I'm going to get into this book. The reading is engaging, with a balance of subtle humor and the true reality of her life. I already know the book is centered around the relationship between Hazel and Augustus and their lives with cancer, and I am interested to see how it unfolds.