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Eragon - By Christopher Paolini (Blogger: Wesley Currence)

For my 1st semester SSR I have started reading Eragon, by Christopher Paolini.


The storyline followers the life of the protagonist, a 15 year old named Eragon. The book is based in a fictional world where humans still relied on farming and hunting to provide for their own nourishment. Traders would traverse the mountainous countryside, going village to village several times a years. The landscape and time period takes on the feel of a Medieval era in time. Winter is just beginning to strike as the story begins. Eragon is returning from a several day long hunt, in search of meat for the winter. Although he comes home without food, he stumbled across a beautiful and glowing stone while hunting in the Spine. The spine was an area in the mountains riddled with mystery and strange happenings, often attributed to magic. Villagers generally avoided this area as to not bring any bad luck on themselves. Eragon was not bothered by the Spine in the least bit, although he did experience some strange happenings in his adventures through it. The latest of these strange encounters was the discovery of the glowing stone. In a sporadic mid-air explosion the rock appeared out of thin air right next to Eragon. After tucking it in his bag he began to hike back to his home outside of Carvahall, the nearest village to his house. A good-natured and brave young man, Eragon was no stranger to hard work, even for a 15 year old boy. When reaching home, his brother, Roran, and his uncle have to wait out the time until the traders come by, in order to restock on supplies. Once the traders arrive in the village, they bring talk of an uprising of Urgals, an enemy to the Empire. Generally, these evil creatures never dared to cross borders and attack in any real organization. However, now they are rumored to be attacking more often and have spies at their disposal. These stories spread through Carvahall quickly after the traders explained them. Some villagers believed them, although many did not.  (This is the point I am up to in the story)  I find the book enjoyable due to the setting and intriguing storyline. Eragon, being such a young boy, inspires the reader through his bravery and self-sufficient nature. Since I am close in age it allows me to relate even more so.