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Eragon Book Blog 3 - Wesley Currence

Eragon heals up enough to go off on his own. His uncle died as he watched and Eragon decides to hunt down the murderers and kill them. As he leaves he runs into Brom, the storyteller. Brom insists on accompanying Eragon on his adventures, for the "storyteller" has figured our Saphira's existence. Personally, I believe Brom was a former dragonrider. He displays a remarkable amount of knowledge by telling Eragon everything he needs to know in every small detail. However, Brom refuses to answer how he knows what he knows. As the reader this is somewhat frustrating. It makes me want to know his past desperately. Assuming this will be answered eventually, I press on in the book. Eragon and Brom go off on their quest for revenge to kill the Ra'zac. Brom has revealed the name and nature of their opponents, explaining their power and cunning. Eragon sees that they are no ordinary foe and will not be easy to track and kill. Brom says that they work for Galbatorix and once word reaches him he will have to try and either kill or recruit Eragon. 


Eragon's sudden desperation to track and kill the Ra'zac surprised me. Sure, they killed his uncle but still to launch into such a life-changing journey, which he is well aware of, is quite the bold move.